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We love all of our clients at Salon Nirvana, and we want to make sure everyone feels at home in our friendly Salon. That’s why we’ve set a few basic policies to make sure everyone who walks through our doors has an experience that leaves them wanting to return time and again.

 Parking in driveway, Please park on pad next to mailbox or next to this car if someone is already there. Street parking is on west side only, meaning across the street. Please be mindful of where you park as to not block driveways or someone turning onto our street.

Need to Cancel?

We know that life sometimes gets in the way. That’s why we try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to cancelling appointments. If you cancel more than 24 hours before your set appointment, we’ll do our best to set up a better slot for you, no questions asked. If you are not feeling well Please reschedule your appointment.

A fee may be required for future bookings if you cancel frequently.

Please be considerate for others to have time to fill an opening.

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