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Love Your Curls and Waves

Natural Curl Solutions

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Tips and Tricks

Curls love moisture! Using the right type of products for your hair’s current needs. Shampoo less as this dries out the hair. Scalp needs an occasional deeper cleansing to remove buildup while hair needs added moisture. 

Every head of curls are as unique as you. Curly hair is no "one size fits all" for perfect curls. Layering the right styling products for your hair will give you amazing results. There are a few musts that every curly head needs in their styling routine.

Use the RIGHT product for your curl type. Use the right AMOUNT of product! Most aren't using enough! Use a microfiber towel, do NOT wrap hair in towel, do blot hair. start layering product on soaking wet hair, work through hair starting in sections at the ends working it up towards roots. Don’t miss any strands especially where it tangles. Do use a wet brush or wide tooth comb to evenly distribute product through strands. Use a good blow dryer and diffuser on low or no heat. Use Silk pillow cases, and put hair in a high loose pony using a gentle holder or a t-shirt style hair wrap to protect curls while sleeping.

 Chelly will do a thorough consultation to determine your hair specific needs and determine the right products for your hair. 

Curl Accessories 

Tools can help cleanse, massage and even help distribute product from scalp to hair. Add Volume and enhance curl pattern. So many techniques and styles! Just knowing what you have and what to do to improve the look and feel of your curls or waves to achieve your best hair days! Come be our guest and learn what your hair can do.

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